New Year morning~

Massu turned around on the bed, checked his phone, found about twelve missed calls and 15 messages. He smiled when he remembered that he heard all of them but was just simply too "busy" with his boyfriend to even mind them. Right in the time he remembered he felt Notti turn in his sleep and mummbled something in his sleep. Massu turned around to face him and pat his cheek.

Notti frowneed in his sleep which Massu found rather sexy. He hot an evil idea. He went down under the cover and started to kiss Notti´s belly.

Christmase evening ~

Massu was sitting on the sofa reading his magazine when the incredibly good smell came from the kitchen.

"NOTTI! NOTTI! You want to kill me, hayakuuu." he groaned and laid down witht he magazine on his face. Christmas dinner with Notti...he smiled softly. He felt...happy.

Date time~

It was sunday afternoon. Massu felt like he can´t even possible try to leave the bed. He was all healthy now, sometimes just blew his nose, but he became so lazy laying almost 2 whole days in bed watching movies that...

"Notti? I think I´m attached to your futon." he sighed and lazily turned around.

They didn´t get naughty together, so that´s why maybe Massu was able to get better soon.


Notti awoke to sunlight hitting him full in the face. He was sore ...he remember last night. He turned red...he had let them do that when Massu was sick...what if Massu changed his mind? 

Then cold dread hit him, he forgot to call Massu's parents last night like Kei said. He knew they must be worred sick and  Massu's keitai was probably dead. He was afraid of having to explain himself...he shook Massu gently, "Massu...please get up, we need to talk...I know you don't feel well but its important."


When they arrived back home,it was almost 2 PM. Shige fall on the couch and felt his stomach growl in protest.
"Koyamama...your sick an worried kid made your another kid starve." pouted Shige.


Massu woke up when he felt the vibration under his belly. He found the phone there and pressed the pick-up button.
"Moshi moshi...moshi moooooosh..." when the alarm clock went off again, it almost ripped his ear.
"Baka ..." sighed Massu. When he tried to get up, he felt dizzy. His nose was stuffy and his head was spinning. He remembred the rain the last night. But there is a date today. No way he can waste a free day....especially when he´s supposed to be with Kusano. He endured it and ate some pills. he felt better soon. When he was in the bus, 10:30 - he´s incredibly slow in mornings - he called Notti. The phone was ringing but for a long time no answer.
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When the door of the Notti´s door closed behind them, Shige took a deep breath in.
"You tease! Lucky that I´m wering baggy pants today, and if you thinks that this make me to spend another night at yours place that you are wrong. I wasn´t sleeping home for about 5 days." faked Shige anger. It was just right to punish Koyama for his unexpected attacks in changing room or under the table while dinning with parents or so. But he´d never be able to resist him if he just said: "Stay with me tonight." It´s also right that he wasn´t home for almost a week, but half of his stuffs were already moved to Koyama´s flat so it wan´t problem.


Thanks to K+K presence, the dinner time was peaceful and merry. Notti felt home. The flat felt even smaller then usually, but it finally felt like home. Warm food, laugher, not mess was home. K+K left after dinner, Massu wasn´t really sure why they left so early, but he felt strange movements under the small table. He could bet that Kei was teasing Shige with his foot under the table whole dinner. When door closed behind those two, Massu finally asked:
", when I was leaving, I said I´ll come back for you to return you home, where you belongs. This was beautiful evening, and you cleaned the flat so perfectly I can´t even recognize it,´s not home. Everyone wold feel alone here...."
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Notti's Studio Apartment...

Notti woke up as the warm sunlight hit his back, he woke up to see a bare muscular chest in front of him. He looked up to see Massu's sleeping face, he reaminded him of such a cute teddy bear, he hated to wake him. He knew Massu had an early rehearsel and they had been up kind of late. He heard Massu's phone go off, he snuggled close whispering, "Massu...honey...your phone's singing..." it was singing Taiyou no Massuda.... loudly...